Unlucky accident

A Weed Field on the Island of Crete


A father and his young daughter are fishing on the island of Crete. They finish and hike back to their boat. On the way, they stumble across a weed field. They quickly leave, as it’s commonly known these weed producers have guns, and use them.

Weed Farm Greece Guns Fishing Violence

Wait, I thought you said wheat field!

Nefeli: So, once we were fishing in Crete, a Greek Island, which is known for producing high quality weed, and also for the fact that everyone has guns and they are not afraid to use them.

We were fishing at some shore in the middle of nowhere.  We left the shore and we are taking a hike up back to the car, and we stumble upon a weed field! A big ass weed field, an entire valley of weed. In the distance, you can hear the people talking. We just ran the fuck away from there.

Me: So you grabbed a couple of nugs and…
Nefeli: No, I was with my father! [laughs]

Me: So you rolled up a couple fat joints and had a good time fishing?

Group: How old were you?
Nefeli: I was 10, 11?

Me: Did you know at the time it was weed?

Nefeli: I knew it was weed. But I didn’t know why it was bad or illegal or anything like that.
Me: What did your dad say?

“Let’s get the fuck out of here!” These people have guns and they shoot!

Group: It’s the Kentucky of Greece. Well, no, everywhere is the Kentucky of Greece. It’s the America of Greece.

Me: Can you have guns, legally?
Nefeli:  Yeah.

Luckily they avoided the guns, but sometimes you’re not so lucky!

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