Trouble with the Law

[I Do Not Want] War in Ukraine


A Ukrainian is faced with a serious demand- to be drafted for the war. He decides against going to war in Ukraine, and instead flees the country, carrying the only thing of value he can: guns and ammunition.

War! What is it good for? ... Profiteering

Armed conflict happens today in Ukraine. What happens to the common soldier?

Denys: I am refugee because I do not want to go to war in Ukraine.

We have war with Russia now.  So, the government caught me and put me in the Army.  I run from them, however.  I don’t only run, I also take many guns.  Then I run.  I didn’t have money, so I wanted to sell the guns.  I have this RPG.  Bazooka.  You understand?  Five kalashnikovs. Grenades.  I took many guns.

But now, they are looking for me like I’m a terrorist.

I sold everything and ran from the country. Here I am, like a refugee, for two years.

Me: How do you sell them? How do you find people?
Denys: You can sell everything.
Me: Wow.
Denys: I think maybe in Chicago, it is easy to sell or to find guns.  But in Ukraine, it is very difficult.  You need maybe 1 year to get a small gun.  So, you can easily sell them.  Many hunters need bullets, and you can buy them $1 for 1 bullet.


Taxis are safe, honest and reliable, said no one ever.

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