Trouble with the Law

Can’t say it’s racist


A woman from Barbados is randomly selected for extra questioning during a layover in New York.  She discovers what many others already know- borders can be a nightmare, and you can’t say it’s racist.

You can't say it's racist if... everything's racist. Right? Right??

Give me your tired, give me your poor, give me your… ahh forget it

Justine: I was heading to Japan, so I wasn’t even staying in America.

Literally in transit 1 night in New York.  When I came, they flagged me.  It was random.  The lady comes to me and says, ‘Stop.’ I got stopped.

‘Stay to one side.  Someone is going to come, we just wanna ask you a couple questions, just randomly.’
‘OK sure.’

I’m waiting, and other people are going through, so I say, ‘OK hey, I see other people going through…’
‘No no no, someone has to come for you. We’re getting the person that’s going to deal with you. They’re coming.’

Who’s this rare, far off person? Then, they bring in this black guy. No other person could touch me. All the questions were black to black, so I can’t say it’s racist.

Me: Oh wow, that’s so racist that they do that!

Justine: So I can’t say it’s racist because the questions are asked by a black guy.

I said, ‘Something wrong?’
‘Why?? Did you do something?’

Me: Hostile from the beginning.

Justine: I’m just asking, you know? Just asking. I was traveling with other people. I was the only one that had dreadlocks, right? So the questions are, ‘Where are you going? Where are you staying? How many people are in your party? How many people are working the same job as you? Where is the hotel you staying in New York?’ I had to show all the documents for the hotel where I was staying in Japan. Terms of my flights.

Then, they took the information from me and quizzed me!

Like someone remembers the exact time they’re going to check in to every single hotel.

‘You just took my notes from me!’
‘If you’re really going you should know this.’

Me: Thats bullshit! No one does!

Justine: Then they’re looking at my hair. I had a ruffle, a hairband, around my hand. But I had my hair tied up.

So then the question is, ‘Well, why is the hairband around your hand?’
‘Well, it’s to tie my hair.’
‘But theres already a wrap on your head. So what’s the extra one about?’

Twenty minutes later, he says, ‘Alright, you’re good.’
‘Could you tell me, seriously, is there anything off? Why do I get this treatment?’
‘You seem like you’re guilty, ma’am.’
I wonder what is wrong? ‘Alright, I’m sorry.’
‘What are you sorry for?!’
[Resigned] ‘Nothing. Nothing.’

I passed the test and I finally got through.

Me: They just wanna show you how big their dick is.  We’re in charge here, you’re the ones that are scared.  We’re the boss, that’s how it is.


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