I have my MDMA fueled hookup with the sexy ginger redhead… and the condom breaks


Two girls couchsurfing through Europe go out one night to a rave. Things go well between one girl and a fellow couchsurfer and later they end up back at the apartment together. Unfortunately, anxiety spikes after the condom breaks and they are forced to get creative to handle the situation.

The condom breaks- 2 days or 18 years of stress?

It’s all fun and games till the condom breaks. Then it’s stress

This was also in Germany.  Story starts in Berlin, ends in Amsterdam.  Maybe ends in Paris.

I was 22.  My best friend and I were doing our Euro trip, backpacking through Europe, being stupid.  Couchsurfing.  It was great.  In Berlin, we were couchsurfing with this couple who were hosting in their apartment.  They had this bed in their spare room and always had couchsurfers coming through.  So it ended up being me and my friend and these two German guys who were also staying with them.

We went out to some rave.  We partied with them, went traveling with them.  One of the other guys couchsurfing at the same apartment was this hipster, redhead guy that I thought was super cute.  [Laughs] Oh gosh, the whole time my friend’s just like “They’re both really cute, are you going to go for one of them?  Which one are you going to go for?”  Because she had a boyfriend and she was gonna be chaste.

One night we go out with them, do MDMA.  Me and him end up leaving early because…
Me: Right.
Milena: We end up back at the apartment where we were couchsurfing.  I don’t remember the timeline, maybe other people were back and they were asleep.  Whatever.  Maybe we went back early, maybe we went back late.

… No, ok, I remember, we hooked up twice.  I’m confused.  The first time, the other guy was there sleeping.  It was dark, semi private.  The second night, him and I went back from this rave early.  My friend and I were going to be leaving that morning.  We already had tickets for a bus to meet another friend in some city towards the north.  We were going to meet her there.  She had a car, we’re going to drive with her to Amsterdam.  That was the next destination.

So, of course, this is the night before.  I have my MDMA fueled hookup with the sexy hipster redhead couchsurfer.  And … the condom breaks.

This is my first big trip.  And I’m twenty two.

Me: A little bit of panic, I imagine.
Milena: A little bit of panic, because we have this bus we have to catch.  I tell my friend, “No.  I can’t have redheaded babies.”  She goes, “It’ll be fine, we’ll get you to a pharmacy.  It will be OK, we’ll stop when we get to where-ever it is we’re going.”

We almost miss our bus, just because we don’t know our way around and somehow we don’t find anyone that speaks English.  Eventually we make it to the bus.  We get on the bus and it’s at least a three hour drive.  The whole time I’m just thinking, “Fuck, I gotta get to a pharmacy, I gotta get Plan B, I can’t have redheaded babies.”


I don’t want that.  So, we get to the city where we are meeting our friend and find a pharmacy.  I go to the pharmacist and whisper,  “I need Plan B.”

She looks at me.  “Oh, you need a prescription for that.”

I take a few seconds to freak out a little bit more.  My friend, who was incredible through this whole five week ridiculousness, looks it up on her phone, and she goes, “You don’t need a prescription in the Netherlands. Let’s get the fuck going.”

So, we get in the car, drive to Amsterdam.  That’s probably another four or five hours.  I’m starting to worry, it’s already been… like it’s getting close to the 24 hour mark, and until 48 hours it’s OK.  But, I’m neurotic.  I’m a North American Jew, how could I not be?

Finally, we get to Amsterdam.  We can’t find a pharmacy, and the girl who’s driving is a little bit younger than us, so she’s trying to drive around a new city and it’s downtown.  It’s Amsterdam, and it’s pretty bad.  Towards the end, all I could think is, “Oh my god I have to find a pharmacy.  I have to find a pharmacy before they close.”  Bla bla bla. We found a pharmacy.

I remember the pharmacist was wearing a scarf, like a hijab.

And she was the sweetest person ever.  Gave me the pill, gave me instruction on how to take it, which is good because it would be a little different than in Canada.  I take it, and… ahhhh.  No redheaded babies.  Yay.

Cut to two weeks later, and because of the pill, I get my period in the bed of whoever we’re couchsurfing with in Paris.  Unexpected because, two weeks early.  It’s insane.  Very embarrassing.  Once again, the girl I was traveling with me just like, “Don’t worry, shit happens.”  She talked to the person hosting us on my behalf and in the end, that was fine too.

Me: That’s stressful.
Milena: Stressful, and by far the worst thing that’s ever happened to me while traveling.  But there’s still a happy ending.
Me: You know what, most of these do have happy endings.  Thank you for sharing that.  That’s, I mean, personal, and I appreciate your candor.


Would you have kept a cool head when your hostel burned down?

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