We talked about that club, the “Ten Mile High Club,” is it “Ten Miles High?”


At a London airport, a young Danish traveler misses her flight after spending all night in the airport.  After spending hundreds to book a last minute replacement, she finds a silver lining and joins an exclusive travel club: the “Mile High Club.”

Pissed off you missed your flight? Stick it to the man, fuck on the plane.

A young woman stuck with a wrong plane ticket and decides to make the most of it.

Me: So you’re going to the airport, where you gonna go?

Freja: Before that, I was in London. Going for a Political meeting thing. I decided that, when I got back to Denmark, I was going to break up with my boyfriend, which meant that I really didn’t want to go back to Denmark.  Anyway, I got to the airport I thought it was right date. I probably just made a mistake.  When I ordered the tickets, I got tired of the whole “Do you want to buy a hotel, do you want to buy a car? Do you want to…” Egh! So, I did it too quick, and waited in the airport for the entire night.

Actually, I got drunk, in the airport, for the entire night, because I didn’t want to go back.  Then when I was trying to come back through security, my boarding pass didn’t work. I complained to somebody.  “What the fuck? My boarding pass is not working”

He was looking at me and telling me “Sweetheart, that flight was yesterday.”

So, I ran to the nearest counter where I could buy another ticket, and at the same time this other guy was running to the same counter to buy a ticket to Copenhagen as well.  We teamed up and got tickets… fuckin expensive tickets… on the same flight.

Me: How much more?

Freja: I think it two and a half thousand Danish?

Me: Ok… That sounds like a lot. So…

Freja: Five thousand … is that right? No, five hundred dollars.

Me: Yeah ok. That’s a lot.

It is a lot, especially when you go from London to Copenhagen. So I thought I would get the most value out of my ticket, and I got a little bit drunk with this guy.

We talked about that club, the “Ten Miles High Club,” is it “Ten Miles High?”

Me: “Ten Miles High?”

Freja: Yeah, people who are fucking on planes. That club.

Me: Ohhhh, no, that’s the “Mile High Club.” When you fuck on a plane, that’s called the “Mile High Club.”

Freja: Yeah, yeah. Exactly. I thought I wanted to get a membership…

Me: With him??

Freja: Yeah.

Me: Oh! Wow!! Good!!

Freja: He tried it before, he knew … how to do it. [Laughs] He told me, very carefully, you want to go to the back of the plane.  You don’t want to go to the front because you then have to pass everybody in the aisle when you go back.  You don’t want to do that.  And I was confused and didn’t sleep, so I went to the front and waited for him to knock on the door.  He did. It happened.

Me: Yeah?!?

Freja: [Giggle]
Me: Haha, congratulations!!
Freja: Yeah… Fuckin expensive, that.
Me: Well let me ask you, at what point in the conversation turn from polite, to… “We’re gonna fuck.” At some point, its getting flirty, or something…right?
Freja: [Giggle]

It was a pretty short flight. [Laughs]

From London to Copenhagen, you have like two hours… so you have to…

Me: So when did you realize you liked him?
Freja:  Ermmm… I lost my tobacco. When I figured out I missed my flight, I really needed a cigarette, and although we were very, very busy and needed to run through the whole airport, he had rolling tobacco and he insisted. “We are going to smoke a cigarette before we are getting on that plane” Him having tobacco, at that point… and offering me a cigarette… [Laughing]  That pretty much did the trick, I think.
Me: …So was, was it, it good, like airplane sex?
Freja: Nah, nah its not.
Me: I wouldn’t think it was good.
Freja: Very tiny.
Me: Yeah, that’s not sexy because it’s good, it’s sexy because… that’s… a great thing to do!
Freja: Just to get the membership, really. Mmmhh…


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