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The Beach… the Beach is on Fire!


The Beach is on Fire: A Peruvian and his travelmates head to the beach in Kotor, Montenegro and experience a slight natural disaster while getting some sun.  Forest fires sweeping across Montenegro causes problems for these young travelers.

Smoke and fire on the beach in Montenegro

Forest fires sweep across Montenegro and reach the beach, causing problems for these young travelers


Hector:  There’s a fire in the story.  Should I introduce myself?

My name is Hector, I’m from Peru.  Right now we’re in Macedonia.  I am 22.  Do I say I’m 22? I’m 22.  I am a film student if that matters.

I was in Kotor, Montenegro.  I had been partying the night before and met a lot of people, including two German girls.  The next morning I woke up, hungover, and ran into some American dudes we met the night before.  We start walking around, and we walk into these German girls and we get to talking.  They say, “We rented a car and we were going to the only sandy beach in Montenegro.”

So we’re like sure, why not?  Sandy beach.  We’re driving there and we stop, because we need to get floaties.  Anyway, we are at the floaty store, like a few miles away from the beach.  And then a fire truck goes by us.

Me: This was recently?
Hector:  Maybe 2 weeks ago.
Me: They had a lot of fires.

“Oohh what’s that about?”
“Oh maybe the beach is on fire, ahaha.”
We left.  We got there…. And the beach was on fire.

So we park the car and decide to go to the beach anyway, because it was full of people.  We stayed at the beach for like 2 hours.  There was a fire going on in the woods next to the beach. Maybe they’re just… like… sometimes they just burn…

Me: Doing drills?

Hector:  It’s for controls, right?  But then it starting going to black smoke and there was a cloud of smoke was covering us.  At this point, the airplanes are starting to throw water.  “Schhhh.”

We stayed for like another hour, with the planes trying to contain the fire, until someone actually came and said, “Ok, you came in the car, you gotta leave because the fire is catching up to the parking lot.”

So we got evacuated and it actually became quite a big fire and yeah, that’s my story on how we outran a forest fire in Montenegro.


Sometimes you can take every precaution and still get violently ill.  Luckily, we have modern medicine.


  1. Diana Valverde

    omg, this must have been a terrifying experience!

    • Chris Boyd

      Terrifying or thrilling… it is a fine line!

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