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We’ve stumbled into a gay nudes beach


A couple embark on a road trip through Europe.  Stopping at a beach in Italy, the couple soon realize they’ve made themselves comfortable at a gay nudes beach.  Undeterred, the two enjoy the sun.  All goes well until they return to their van, where they find trouble.

Whenever you are looking for a gay nudes beach you can never find one

Gay nudist beaches, where skinny dipping is the norm.

Oliver:  We found a beach.

We were driving through Italy, in the mountains.  We’ve been up through Switzerland, headed down to Italy, into Verona, then Rome.  Was it Naples?  We were just outside Napoli and we found a beach.  We thought we’d park the van next to the beach and go to the beach for the day.

We got onto this beach and sat around for 15 minutes. We look around and see there’s only dudes on this beach, and they’re all naked.  

Maybe we’ve stumbled into a gay nudes beach?

Well that’s ok, we’ll just sit here and get drunk all day. A couple of them really took interest in me.  They’d come and sit next to me in poses like this [sprawls out.]  

Me:  Did they even say hi to you?
Oliver:  No, they would sit close to us and… express poses.

Whatever.  We moved on and just started drinking again.  At one point, we see sand dunes… sand dunes… erect penis… sand dunes… sand dunes.  One guy was completely naked, except for some chaps, so everything but leather chaps.  He was a cool dude.  This is the weirdest day ever.

Later, we ran out of booze so we headed back to the van.  Our windows have been smashed.  They’ve taken our laptops, all our money, everything.

All they left is two passports and a bottle of amaretto.  Which was kind.  

At least we had some beer and passports to get on with.  One of the funniest days to one of the saddest.


Ever had a bad border crossing?  For some people, it happens regularly, but they can’t say it’s racist.

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