She was spewing for the next two days


Two Australian sheilas give the Inca Trail a go in Peru.  One falls violently ill from an innocuous chocolate snack, resulting with her spewing for the next two days. She later recovers and surprises everyone when she leads the group to the top.

Spewing for 2 days is no excuse.

Getting to the Inca Trail offers challenges to everyone who attempts it. Some are messier than others.

Chloe:  It has a good ending.

I went to South America with a friend that I went to high school with.  We arrived in Peru, in Cuzco, and we hadn’t eaten anything all day.  She bought a prepackaged chocolate chip muffin at the hostel.  Not even an hour later, she was feeling really sick, and she never vomits.  I took her down to the pharmacy and we’re trying to explain to the guy that she wasn’t feeling well, using all the hand signals we could.  Suddenly, she starts to look worried.  “Nah, Nah!!” I ran around and tried to find a bag for her.  She vomits in the pharmacy in this plastic bag.

She was spewing for the next two days, she could hardly get out of bed. It had to have been the chocolate chip muffin! This is the only thing she’d eaten.

This was just before we were supposed to start the Inca trail.  We joined our group and got on the bus.  We’re sightseeing all through the sacred valley, and she’s feeling like shit.  It’s just awful.  Later, we got to the town where we’re supposed to start the trek the next morning.  It’s a four day hike with camping, like on the ground.

Me: Camping on the ground??
Chloe:  There were no mattresses.
Me: How else to you camp?

They called the only doctor that was in town.  It was three days before Christmas and everyone had gone back to their little villages, so there was only one doctor and he had to be really persuaded to come.  She spent the entire night on an IV drip in this weird little hotel in this town.  We left the next morning for the trip.

For the whole four days of our hike, she was right at the front of the group because she was the most hydrated person of all of us.

Me:  So she felt the best?
Chloe:  Right, yeah.
Me:  Me: A prepackaged chocolate chip muffin?
Chloe:  Yup, yup.
Me:  So, can she eat chocolate chip muffins today?
Chloe:  Um… I don’t know, I should ask.


How desperate would you get if you can’t find a room for the night?

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